This site is for members and friends of the New Mexico Sandplay Society, and therapists interested in Sandplay. Our purpose is to support and further the development of Sandplay therapists in the state of New Mexico. We are a professional organization whose purpose is to promote education, training, and research in Sandplay therapy.

Sandplay™, as developed by Dora Kalff, is a nonverbal therapeutic process based on the psychology of C.G. Jung. The path to individuation as understood in Jungian psychology becomes visible in the symbolic expression in Sandplay.

In Sandplay, through the free and protected space the individual is able to penetrate the depths of the personality and experience the Self. From this ground, a more naturally balanced relationship between the ego and the Self manifests. When this occurs, then one has the opportunity to live life in a more conscious, authentic manner. -Sandplay Therapists of America

New Mexico Sandplay Society

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